Who is Mama Tine?

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My name is Tine and I am a mommy to three daughters and wife to my husband Al.

Because the foundation of my platform includes disclosing my daughters’ diagnoses, I have striven for as much anonymity as I can control. Names have been changed. I plan to disclose as much experience and as many resources as I can, while protecting my kids’ anonymity. Please respect my family’s privacy and safety.

I studied at a University of California, majoring in Psychology and Social Behavior under the School of Social Ecology. Then I received my MS and PPS credential from a State University where I studied Counseling Education with a specialization in School Counseling.

I started my family before I could enter the work force. I have been a SAHM and CEO of the household since I completed grad school.

I am a brown daughter of immigrants. I love my melanin and the powerful tribe that stands behind me.

Advocacy is at the core of my being and my purpose.

This platform is simply me reaching out into the world and sharing my story. Advocating for folks touched by behavioral health, mental health, invisible illness, and invisible disability. And hoping for shared resources, hope, and support in return.

Edited to add: Anti-vaxx discussions and ABA bashing will not be tolerated on this forum.